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She appeared in the cast of “Young Blades," PAX TV’s new primetime series, as Queen Anne. The action-adventure series follows a new generation of swashbucklers inspired by the legendary Three Musketeers.


On October 31, 2004, she is inducted into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame at the Tropicana Resort & Casino.


Was Co-Host if a Las Vegas morning TV show, which was only available in Vegas. She Co-Hosted the show with Clint Holmes.

Was Co-Host if a Las Vegas morning TV show, which was only available in Vegas. She Co-Hosted the show with Clint Holmes. She and Clint are the permanent hosts.

She tours in The Colors Of Christmas with Peabo Bryson, Christopher Cross and Jon Secada.


Starts a year long gig headlining at the Las Vegas Hilton from January 2002-January 2003


She tours in The Colors Of Christmas with Oleta Adams, Michael McDonald and Peabo Bryson.


Fabulous CD released in U.K.

Creates angel figurines which are available online at

Co-stars with David Cassidy in a Broadway-type show at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. The show opened on Jan 18, 2000 and will run for one year.

Signs a record contract with Universal International. Album is scheduled for release in 2000.


Home CD is released in Japan.


The Colors Of Christmas CD is released. Her songs include The Lord's Prayer and The Gift, a duet with Jeffrey Osborne.

She tours in The Colors Of Christmas with Philip Bailey, Jeffrey Osborne, Deniece Williams.


LP Freedom is released in Japan.

The Official Sheena Easton Website is launched on the internet in June.

She, once again, tours in The Colors Of Christmas. This time she appears with James Ingram, Peabo Bryson, and Patti Austin.


She adopts a baby girl, Skylar.

She makes her feature film acting debut as the voice of the Irish setter in the animated feature, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

She begins a national tour, ending on Broadway, of the musical revival of Grease.


LP My Cherie is released. The album does very well in Japan, with the My Cherie single reaching the Top 10.


She adopts a baby boy, Jake.

She joins James Ingram, Peabo Bryson, and Roberta Flack for The Colors Of Christmas, an annual tour for the holiday season.


She is seen (during a cameo performance) in a feature film, Indecent Proposal. The film stars Robert Redford, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson. The Nearness of You, the song she performs during the cameo, is featured on the Indecent Proposal Soundtrack.

LP No Strings is released. It is a compilation of jazz/blues songs, a departure from her usual pop and contemporary material.


Man Of La Mancha makes its way to Broadway.

She records A Dream Worth Keeping, a song from the soundtrack for "FernGully", an animated feature, which is played during a key scene.

She becomes a citizen of the United States of America.


What Comes Naturally makes US #19. LP What Comes Naturally makes US #90.

She begins a national tour of the musical revival of Man Of La Mancha.


The Lover In Me makes US #2, #1 on US R&B charts, and UK #15.

LP The Lover In Me makes US #44 and UK #25.

Days Like This makes US R&B #36 and UK #43.

101, written by Prince, makes US R&B #2 and UK #54.

The Arms Of Orion, a duet with Prince, appears on the Batman soundtrack and makes US #36 and UK #12. Lyrics written by Sheena.


Eternity single is released. EMI America is bought out by Manhattan records. Sheena is unhappy with the new record label and is able to break her existing contract. As a result, the album Sheena had recorded, No Sound But A Heart, is not released in the US. It is, however, released in the Far East, where it does well despite the lack of promotion.

She duets with Prince on U Got The Look, which makes US #2 and UK #11. Sheena performs the song with Prince during a show on his Sign O' The Times tour, which is captured on film and included on his video.

She guest stars on Miami Vice, portraying Caitlin Davies, Sonny Crockett's wife. The ratings are so good that the producers ask her to return and the result is a five episode series.


Jimmy Mack peaks at US #65.

She records two songs for the Demi Moore & Rob Lowe film About Last Night, working with Narada Michael Walden. The songs are So Far So Good and Natural Love.

So Far So Good makes US #43


LP A Private Heaven peaks at US #15. The album goes platinum, selling over 1 millions copies, and becomes the best selling album of her career.

This album continues Sheena on the course of more dance oriented music.

She wins the Grammy® Award for Best Mexican-American Performance for Me Gustas Tal Como Eres, a duet with Luis Miguel on the Todo Me Recuerda A Ti album.

Sugar Walls, written by Prince, under the pen name Alexander Nevermind, peaks at US #9 and #3 on the US R&B charts. Due to the controversy over the lyrics, the single is the most talked about single of her career. There is severe criticism from the Family Resource Center, a group lead by Tipper Gore, due to what they deemed sexually explicit in content. She and other artists defend their right of artistic expression and disagrees with the group's assessments of the lyrics. The heated discussions die down.

She is honored as the only artist in history to have Top 5 hits on Billboard's five major charts: Pop, R&B, Country, Adult Contemporary, and Dance.

She records the theme song for the Dudley Moore film Santa Claus - The Movie, It's Christmas All Over The World.

Do It For Love reaches US #29.

LP Do You is produced by Nile Rodgers and reaches US #40.


Almost Over You peaks at US #25.

Devil In A Fast Car peaks at US #79

She marries agent Rob Light, an agent. The marriage lasts 1 1/2 years.

She records Todo Me Recuerda A Ti an album, sung in Spanish, of her greatest hits and a few originals. She doesn't understand Spanish but learns the words phonetically. The album does very well going gold, selling more than 500,000 copies, in many Latin American countries.

Harriett Wasserman becomes her manager and has remained so ever since.

Strut hits US #7


We've Got Tonight, a duet with Kenny Rogers, hits US #6 and goes to #1 on the US country charts.

We've Got Tonight makes UK #28.

Sheena stars in her own NBC-TV special Sheena Easton...Act One.

During one of Kenny's concerts, filmed for video release, Sheena appeared at the venue and they performed the duet live.

Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) makes US #9. This album is a change of direction for Sheena. The music is a bit younger and the songs are more dance oriented. She changes producers and is now working with Greg Mathieson.


Single You Could Have Been With Me makes US #15.

She is nominated and wins the Grammy® Award for the 1981 Best New Artist.

LP You Could Have Been With Me makes US #47.

When He Shines makes US #30.

Machinery makes UK #38.

LP Madness, Money and Music peaks at UK #44.

Machinery peaks at US #57.

LP Madness, Money and Music peaks at US #85.

I Wouldn't Beg For Water peaks at US #64.

She finally does a worldwide tour and performs to standing room only audiences all around the world, including ones in Europe, the Far East and the U.S.

Her concert, filmed at the Palace in Hollywood, California, during her first national tour, is released on video and is entitled "Live At The Palace".


LP Take My Time peaks at UK #17. The title track makes UK #44.

9 to 5 was released in the U.S. as Morning Train (Nine to Five) in order to avoid confusion with the Dolly Parton hit 9 to 5. The song hits US #1 for two weeks, selling over a million copies.

LP Sheena Easton peaks at US #24. When He Shines reaches at UK #12. Modern Girl peaks at US #18. Just Another Broken Heart reaches UK #33.

Sheena is chosen to sing the theme song to the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. She was and remains the only singer to have been seen on screen singing the title song for any James Bond movie. For Your Eyes Only makes US #4.

You Could Have Been With Me makes UK #33. Single You Could Have Been With Me makes UK #54.

Even though there is a great deal of demand, her management and she agree it would be best to hold off on a worldwide tour (she had toured Britain) in order to peak interest and the anticipation level.


Christopher Neil is chosen as her record producer and Deke Arlon becomes her manager.

She is followed around for months by video cameras and crews while the BBC compiles the necessary footage for the documentary entitled The Big Time: Pop Singer. They capture her EMI audition, discussions with former singers and their advice for Sheena, the making of her first single, Modern Girl, and the single's promotion.

Modern Girl reaches only U.K. #56. The documentary airs and the exposure helps propel 9 to 5, which peaks at UK #3. Modern Girl is re-released and reaches UK #6. She becomes the first to have two singles in the UK Top 10 simultaneously since Ruby Murray in 1956 and the first British female singer to have her first two singles make the Top 20. One Man Woman reaches UK #14.

She is invited and performs a Royal Command Performance for the Queen Mother of England at The Royal Variety Show.


She marries Sandi Easton. The marriage only lasts eight months but she retains the name Sheena Easton.

"The Big Time" begins a search for a relative unknown in order to film a documentary following his/her career throughout the process of becoming a pop star. They contact Sheena's college looking for this newcomer. One of her teachers, knowing her desire to become a singer, informs her of the auditions. She goes, is chosen as the relative unknown, and is given an opportunity to audition for executives of EMI Records.

Despite the admitted reluctance of the executives to sign anyone, they are quite impressed with her talent and she earns an EMI contract.


After achieving 'A' level grades throughout school, she earns a scholarship to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where she studies to become a teacher of speech and drama.

She is a student by day and sings with a band, Something Else, at local gigs in the evenings. She never has any plans to become a teacher because her goal is to be a singer. But, she wants to get an education and chooses a course of study which allows her to hone her craft and become a better singer.


She didn't seriously consider a singing career until a movie and singer changed her life. She sees The Way We Were starring Barbara Streisand at the local cineplex.

During the opening credits, Barbara's voice overtakes Sheena and, at that moment, she decides what she most wants to do, become a singer, and be able to have an affect on others as Barbara had on her.


Her father, Alex Orr, a steel mill worker, dies. Her mother, Annie Orr, works as a laborer to support the family and is always available for her children.

Sheena always speaks very highly of her mom and the wonderful job she did in raising her and her siblings, including teaching each of them all to read at home before they were even enrolled in school.


She debuts as a performer for the very first time. During her uncle and aunt's silver wedding anniversary, she is put before an audience (be it relatives) and sings Early One Morning.


Born Sheena Shirley Orr in Belshill, Scotland on April 27. She is the youngest of six children (two brothers -- Robert and Alex and three sisters -- Marilyn, Annessa, and Morag).